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About us

We are a software development company. We design and create from complex information systems, to simpler applications aimed at mobile devices like PDAs, smartphones and tablets.

For companies: we direct the best of our energy toward creating practical, rugged, intuitive and reliable systems. Based upon concepts of Business Administration, helped by the most appropriate resources, we get the technology to adapt to the company's organization.

For you: we direct the best of our energy toward creating simple, practical, useful, fun and eco friendly applications. We aim at directly contributing with you on your work, on your leisure, in your daily life – organizing and optimizing things that cost you a great deal of time and generate stress. Technology is your ally. Use it to your own benefit. Enjoy it. Have fun.


Agility, efficiency and accuracy on Information Systems.


To provide organizations and people with services and technological solutions, thus contributing for the success of the business and all those involved in them.

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